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ADICON and Siemens Signed Strategic Collaboration Framework Contract

In the morning of Apr. 19, the signing ceremony of Strategic Collaboration Framework between ADICON Clinical Laboratories Inc and Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics took place in Hangzhou headquarter. Siemens is one of the biggest IVD manufactures, while ADICON is the leading company of China’s reference lab industry. This collaboration will benefit each side with their experiences and technologies, which leads to a win-win situation.
Both sides expressed their best anticipation for the collaboration. The attendees included: ADICON’s co-chairman Feng Lin, COO Janny Yang, Lab Director Chao Pan, Pathology Director Chengqing Xia, Siemens’ global CEO Michael Reitermann, Northeast Asia CEO Fanzong Zeng, Northeast Asia Sales Director Yiming Guo, East China GM Xiaodong Li, and Zhengjiang Region Manager Lei Wang. The government representatives also express their support on this collaboration. Hangzhou healthcare bureau director-general Chen Weiqiang, Hangzhou healthcare bureau office supervisor Fang Jianguo, Hangzhou Westlake district vice warden Zhang Liqun visited the scene before the ceremony.
During the ceremony, Mr. Lin and Mr. Reitermann addressed their congratulations. Mr. Lin demonstrated ADICON’s market development and advantages. He said “It is a milestone for collaboration between ADICON and Siemens. Siemens provides the cutting edge of laboratory solutions and instruments, which will improve ADICON’s technology levels. ADICON will consolidate its own resources and optimize its workflow, to provide better diagnostic solutions for healthcare community”. Mr. Reitermann acknowledges ADICON’s performance in the market. Siemens will enhance its diagnostic market share in China through the collaboration. Meanwhile, Siemens’ R&D will develop the essential technologies to support ADICON’s continuous growth.
The contract signing took place between ADICON’s COO Janny Yang and Siemens’ Northeast Asia CEO Fanzong Zeng. Mr. Lin and Mr. Reitermann showed the slate of “ADICON Clinical Lab-Siemens Diagnostics Model Lab in China”, showing that both sides established the strategic partnerships. According to the contract, both sides will have deeper collaboration on developing new technologies, better services and management.